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2017 Street Maintenance Projects

Update: All repaving work has been completed.

The City will complete several street maintenance projects this summer. A detailed schedule will be updated here.

The work schedule can be affected by weather conditions, mechanical issues, and product availability.

Below is the list of resurfacing projects planned for this summer by treatment type:

Light pavement rehabilitation, or pavement wear surface replacement, includes treatments such as asphalt overlay, asphalt mill and overlay, and hot- or cold-in-place recycling of existing asphalt.  The City is using hot-in-place recycling for the following street maintenance projects. This treatment is a cost-effective alternative to mill and asphalt overlay and extends the life of the pavement asset preserving the City’s investment as well as providing a smooth riding surface.

Hot-in-place asphalt recycling
Street From To Expected start-finish date
Whispering Wind Drive Dan Moody Trail Sun City Boulevard Completed
Parker Circle Power Road Power Road Completed
Willow Lane Country Club Ranch Road Completed
Cottonwood Drive Country Club Parkway Street Completed
Park Lane Williams Drive Clay Street Completed
Park Lane Shannon Drive Dead End Completed
Janis Drive Park Lane Northwest Boulevard Completed
17th Street Scenic Drive Forest Street Completed
West 16th Street Scenic Drive Railroad Avenue Completed
Railroad Avenue 10th Street Leander Road Completed
West 11th Street Railroad Avenue Martin Luther King Street Removed
Martin Luther King Jr. Street 11th Street University Avenue Completed
West 15th Street Scenic Drive Hart Street Completed
West 14th Street Railroad Avenue Hart Street Completed
West 13th Street Railroad Avenue Hart Street Completed
West West Street West 13th Street West 14th Street Completed
Hart Street University Avenue Railroad Avenue Completed
22nd Street Railroad Avenue Apartment Driveway Completed
19th Street Railroad Avenue Dead end Completed
18th Street School Property Line Railroad Avenue Completed
18th Street Leander Street Austin Avenue Completed
Bridge Street 17th Street Dead end Completed
Forest Street 17th Street 18th Street Completed
Candee Street 17th Street 18th Street Completed
Live Oak Drive Shady Oak Drive San Gabriel Boulevard Completed
Spanish Oak Circle Live Oak Drive San Gabriel Boulevard Completed
San Gabriel Boulevard Leander Road Live Oak Drive Completed

Pavement preservation
, also known as preventative maintenance, consists of applying surface treatments to existing pavements. Examples of this type of maintenance include various types of seals and single and double course treatments. For these street maintenance projects, the City is using double course surface treatment with a sealant. These types of seals are cost-effective, improve skid resistance, provide an effective moisture barrier, and prevent small surface cracks. The addition of the sealant helps lock loose rock. These types of applications extend the life of the pavement asset and preserve the City’s investment. Surface seals do not improve overall ride quality of a roadway and raveling may still be experienced.

Double course surface treatment with sealant
Street From To Expected start-finish date
SE Inner Loop FM 1460 Hwy. 29 Completed
Sam Houston Ave Rockride Lane Patriot Way Completed
Maple Street Sam Houston Pinnacle Completed
Country Club Road Rivery Boulevard Ranch Road Completed
Northwest Boulevard Serenada Drive I-35 Completed