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2018 Street Maintenance Projects

The City will complete several street maintenance projects this summer. A detailed schedule will be updated here.

The work schedule can be affected by weather conditions, mechanical issues, and product availability.

Below is the list of resurfacing projects planned for this summer by treatment type:

Double-course surface treatment
The City is using double course surface treatment with a sealant. These types of seals improve skid resistance, provide an effective moisture barrier, and prevent small surface cracks. The addition of the sealant helps lock loose rock. These types of applications extend the life of the pavement asset and preserve the City’s investment.

Double-course surface treatment
start-finish date
NE Inner LoopHwy. 29FM 971Completed
Sam Houston BoulevardMaple StreetRockride LaneCompleted
Patriot WaySam Houston BoulevardSH 130Completed
Lakeway DriveAirport RoadNorthwest BoulevardCompleted

Hot-in-place recycling
The City is using hot-in-place recycling for the following street maintenance projects. This treatment is an alternative to mill and asphalt overlay and extends the life of the pavement asset preserving the City’s investment as well as providing a new asphalt surface.

Hot-in-place recycling
start-finish date
Short StreetHart StreetForest StreetCompleted
16th StreetHart StreetChurch StreetCompleted
17th StreetForest StreetAustin AvenueCompleted
Cyrus AvenueMain StreetChurch StreetCompleted
171/2 StreetEubank StreetChurch StreetCompleted
18th StreetBrushy StreetChurch StreetCompleted
19th StreetBrushy StreetChurch StreetCompleted
20th StreetBrushy StreetPaige StreetCompleted
21st StreetLeander StreetChurch StreetCompleted
Church Street21st StreetUniversity AvenuePaving Sept. 18-19
22nd StreetLeander StreetAustin AvenueCompleted
24th StreetAustin AvenueHighland DriveCompleted
Highland Drive24th StreetDead endCompleted
Leander Street22nd Street17th StreetCompleted
Timber Street16th StreetUniversity AvenueCompleted
Forest Street17th StreetUniversity AvenueCompleted
Brushy Street21st StreetAustin AvenueCompleted
Main Street21st StreetCyrus AvenueCompleted
Paige Street20th Street18th StreetPaving Sept. 18-19
Eubank Street18th Street17th StreetCompleted
Knight Street18th Street17th StreetPaving Sept. 18-19
George Street17th Street16th StreetPaving Sept. 18-19

*Paving for these projects will be completed at a later date. Please check back here for an updated schedule.

High-performance surface seal
A sealant is applied to the surface of the roadway, reducing damage from UV radiation and vehicle traffic. The process includes a two-coat spray application of a liquid asphalt mixture. Each coat takes two to three hours to dry. Please do not walk or drive on the new sealant surface until traffic cones and barricades have been removed.

On the days work is scheduled, the streets will be closed to traffic from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For a color-coded map of the street closure plan for Sun City neighborhoods along Whispering Wind Drive, click here.

For a color-coded map of the street closure plan for Sun City neighborhoods along Del Webb Boulevard, click here.

For a color-coded map of the street closure plan for the Summercrest and Quail Valley neighborhoods, click here.

For a color-coded map of the street closure plan in the Oakcrest neighborhood, click here.

For a color-coded map of the street closure plan in the River Chase neighborhood, click here.

High-performance surface seal
start-finish date
Acadia WayBluestem DriveRed Poppy TrailSept. 24
Acadia WayRed Poppy TrailPrivate DriveSept. 28
Agave LaneScissortail TrailHollyberry LaneOct. 5
Alpine CourtAllAllSept. 24
Anemone CircleAllAllOct. 17
Anemone WayLone Star DriveTrail Rider WayOct. 17
Aransas CoveAllAllOct. 22
Aster CircleAllAllOct. 9
Beautybush CircleAllAllSept. 25
Beautybush TrailLone Star DriveTrail Rider WaySept. 25
Blacksmith CircleAllAllOct. 10
Blacksmith DriveHigh Trail DriveLone Star DriveOct. 10
Blazing Star DriveRed Poppy TrailTrail of the FlowersOct. 1
Blue Sky CourtAllAllSept. 25
Blue StemBlazing Star DriveNew SectionSept. 24
Bluebell DriveLone Star DriveTrail Rider WayOct. 17
Briar Patch CoveAllAllOct. 1
Bronco CircleAllAllOct. 17
Bronco DriveWild Horse WayEnchanted DriveOct. 17
Burr Oak LaneGolf View DriveScissortail TrailOct. 23
Buttercup TrailLone Star DriveTrail Rider WaySept. 25
Cattle Trail WayDan Moody TrailShallowTail CircleOct. 3
Cattle Trail WayShallowTail CircleFalcon StreetOct. 3
Cattle Trail WayFalcon St.Dan Moody TrailOct. 17
Chickadee CoveAllAllOct. 19
Chuckwagon TrailScissortail TrailDurango TrailOct. 1
Cold Springs DriveWhispering Wind DriveWaterlily LaneOct. 9
Columbine CourtAllAllSept. 28
Coreopsis WayTrail of the FlowersTrail of the FlowersOct. 22
Crystal Springs DriveWhispering Wind DriveCul-de-sacOct. 10
Daisy PathLantana DriveTrail of the FlowersSept. 28
Dan Moody TrailWhispering Wind DriveWhispering Wind DriveSept. 25
Dandelion DriveRed Poppy TrailDewberry DriveSept. 24
Dewberry DriveAcadia WayRed Poppy TrailSept. 28
Dewberry DriveRed Poppy TrailRed Poppy TrailSept. 24
Double Fire TrailDel Webb BlvdChuckwagon TrailOct. 16
Durango TrailDouble Fire TrailCul-de-sacOct. 16
Egret CoveAllAllOct. 19
Enchanted DriveLone Star DriveWhispering Wind DriveOct. 9
Falcon CoveAllAllOct. 17
Falcon StreetWhispering Wind DriveCattle Trail WayOct. 17
Friendly CircleAllAllOct. 16
Gaillardia WayAllAllOct. 8
Goldenrod WayAllAllOct. 8
Golf View DriveAllAllOct. 23
Goodwater StreetCrystal Springs DriveCold Springs DriveOct. 10
Goodwater StreetCold Springs DriveCul-de-sacOct. 9
Grapevine LaneAllAllOct. 1
High Country DriveBlacksmith DriveWhispering Wind DriveOct. 10
High Trail DriveWhispering Wind DriveCul-de-sacSept. 26
Hill Country DriveDan Moody TrailWhispering Wind DriveSept. 26
Holly Spring CourtAllAllOct. 5
Hollyberry LaneScissortail TrailCul-de-sacOct. 5
Honeysuckle CoveAllAllSept. 25
Lantana DriveTrail of the FlowersRed Poppy TrailOct. 8
Lariat DriveCattle Trail WayCattle Trail WayOct. 17
Liatris LaneVinca DriveRed Poppy TrailOct. 5
Lone Star DriveWhispering Wind DriveTrail Rider WaySept. 26
Mallard LaneGolf View DriveScissortail TrailOct. 23
Morning Glory CircleAllAllOct. 2
Mulberry CircleAllAllOct. 3
NightHawk WayAllAllOct. 3
Orange CoveAllAllOct. 22
Painted Bunting LaneScissortail TrailCul-de-sacOct. 23
Plover PassRed Poppy TrailYellow Rose TrailOct. 16
Powder Creek CoveAllAllOct. 15
Prospector PassDurango TrailChuckwagon TrailOct. 16
Purple Sage DriveLantana DriveDaisy PathSept. 28
Rain Lily LaneTrail of the FlowersTrail of the FlowersOct. 22
Red Poppy TrailTrail of the FlowersDewberry DriveOct. 5
Red Poppy TrailDewberry DriveDewberry DriveSept. 28
Red Poppy TrailDewberry DriveDelwebb Blvd.Sept. 28
Red Poppy TrailYellow Rose TrailCul-de-sacOct. 16
Red Poppy TrailDel Webb BoulevardYellow Rose TrailOct. 19
Rockrose CourtAllAllOct. 15
Sandpiper CoveAllAllOct. 19
Scissortail TrailTrail of the FlowersWarbler WayOct. 19
Scissortail TrailWarbler WayBur Oak LaneOct. 22
Scissortail TrailBur Oak LaneDel Webb BoulevardOct. 23
Scissortail TrailDel Webb BoulevardHollyberry LaneOct. 1
Scissortail TrailHollyberry LaneTrail of the FlowersOct. 5
Silverbell CircleAllAllOct. 15
Six Flags DriveDan Moody TrailHill Country DriveOct. 9
Sotol PassScissortail TrailDouble Fire TrailOct. 23
Sunflower StreetDan Moody TrailNighthawk WayOct. 2
Swallowtail CircleAllAllOct. 3
Tanager TrailScissortail TrailCul-de-sacOct. 22
Teacup CoveAllAllOct. 22
Thistle TrailBlazing Star DriveRed Poppy TrailOct. 1
Trail of the FlowersRed Poppy TrailDel Webb BoulevardOct. 12
Trail of the FlowersDel Webb BoulevardScissortail TrailOct. 12
Trail of the FlowersScissortail TrailRock Rose CourtOct. 15
Trail of the FlowersRock Rose CourtWinecup WayOct. 15
Trail of the FlowersWinecup WayScissortail TrailOct. 8
Trail Rider WayWhispering Wind DriveLone Star DriveOct. 2
Vinca DriveRed Poppy TrailCul-de-sacOct. 5
Warbler WayScissortail TrailPainted Bunting LaneOct. 23
Waterlily CircleAllAllOct. 9
Waterlily LaneCold Springs DriveGoodwater StreetOct. 9
Whippoorwill WayRed Poppy TrailDead EndOct. 15
Whippoorwill CoveTrail of the FlowersCul-de-sacOct. 12
Whitewing WayPlover PassYellow Rose TrailOct. 19
Wild Horse WayLone Star DriveEnchanted DriveOct. 3
Wild Rose DriveDan Moody TrailWhispering Wind DriveOct. 3
Wild Turkey LaneAllAllOct. 22
Winecup WayAllAllOct. 8
Yellow Rose TrailTrail of the FlowersRed Poppy TrailOct. 15
Yellow Rose TrailRed Poppy TrailPlyover PassOct. 19
Yucca CoveAllAllOct. 3
Creekside LaneQuail Valley DriveSouthwalk DriveTBD
Greenbranch DriveHunters Glen DriveTrails Ends DriveTBD
Hunters Glen RoadQuail Valley DriveGreen Branch DriveTBD
Katy LaneQuail Valley DriveSouthwalk DriveTBD
Long Branch DriveSmith Branch DriveTrails End DriveSept. 21
Quail Meadow DriveQuail Valley DriveGreen Branch DriveTBD
Quail Valley DriveMaple StreetRifle Bend DriveTBD
Quail Valley DriveRifle Bend DriveHutto RoadTBD
Rifle Bend DriveLong Branch DriveQuail Valley DriveSept. 20
Rifle Bend DriveLong Branch DriveDead endSept. 21
Smith Branch DriveLong Branch DriveQuail Valley DriveSept. 19
Southwalk DriveSmith Branch DriveKaty DriveSept. 19
Trails End DriveQuail Valley DriveGreen Branch DriveSept. 20
Winchester DriveLong Branch DriveQuail Valley DriveSept. 20
Winchester DriveLong Branch DriveDead endSept. 21
Summercrest DriveHwy. 29Dead endTBD
Ashberry TrailWaizel WaySummercrest BoulevardSept. 21
Ashberry TrailSummercrest BoulevardCul-de-sacTBD
Candle Ridge TrailAshberry TrailSummercrest BoulevardSept. 19
Candle Ridge TrailSummercrest BoulevardDead endTBD
Briar Hill DriveCandle Ridge TrailCaprock PlaceTBD
Rock Ledge DriveAshberry TrailBriar Hill DriveTBD
Boulder RunAshberry TrailBriar Hill DriveTBD
Caprock PlaceAshberry TrailSummercrest BoulevardSept. 20
Caprock PlaceSummercrest BoulevardWatercrest DriveSept. 21
Brookhollow TerraceAshberry TrailWatercrest DriveTBD
Edgecliff PathSummercrest BoulevardDead endSept. 21
Bark Ridge TerraceSummercrest BoulevardWatercrest DriveSept. 21
Watercrest DriveEdgecliff PathBrookhollow TerraceSept. 21
Hagan CourtSouth Cross RoadDead endOct. 13
Highview DriveSouth Cross RoadRidgecrest RoadOct. 13
Mason Ranch CourtAllAllOct. 13
Mason Ranch RoadAllAllOct. 1, 12, 13
North Cross RoadRiver RoadCountyOct. 9
Overlook CourtAllAllOct. 5
Randolph RoadSpring Valley RoadRidgecrest RoadOct. 13
Ridgecrest RoadNorth Cross RoadSouth Cross RoadOct. 2, 5, 8-9
River Chase BlvdAllAllOct. 2-8
River Chase CoveAllAllOct. 9
South Cross RoadSpring Valley RoadRidgecrest RoadOct. 5-6
Spring Valley RoadNorth Cross RoadSouth Cross RoadOct. 5, 8, 12
Tanksley CircleAllAllOct. 8 and 12
Woodland RoadNorth Cross RoadRandolph RoadOct. 6