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2019 Street Maintenance Projects

The City will complete several street maintenance projects this summer. A detailed schedule will be updated here.

The work schedule can be affected by weather conditions, mechanical issues, and product availability.

Below is the list of resurfacing projects planned for this summer by treatment type:

Hot-in-place recycling
The City is using hot-in-place recycling for the following street maintenance projects. This treatment is an alternative to mill and asphalt overlay and extends the life of the pavement asset preserving the City’s investment as well as providing a new asphalt surface.

Hot-in-place recycling
start-finish date
East 8th StreetMyrtle StreetEast of Pine StreetCompleted
East 9th StreetMyrtle StreetAsh StreetCompleted
East 10th StreetMyrtle StreetAsh StreetCompleted
East 10th StreetCollege StreetEast of Pine StreetCompleted
East 11th StreetMyrtle StreetEast of Pine StreetCompleted
East 13th StreetMyrtle StreetCollege StreetCompleted
East 14th StreetMyrtle StreetCollege StreetCompleted
East 15th StreetChurch StreetWalnut StreetCompleted
East 16th StreetChurch StreetElm StreetCompleted
East 17th StreetAsh StreetCollege StreetCompleted
East 17 ½ StreetChurch StreetAsh StreetCompleted
East 18th StreetChurch StreetPine StreetCompleted
East 19th StreetChurch StreetWalnut StreetCompleted
East 19½ StreetMain StreetChurch StreetCompleted
East 20th StreetChurch StreetHogg StreetCompleted
East 21st StreetChurch StreetAsh StreetCompleted
Myrtle StreetEast 7th StreetEast 11th StreetCompleted
Myrtle StreetUniversity AvenueEast 16th StreetCompleted
East 9½ StreetWalnutPine StreetCompleted
Elm StreetEast 7th StreetEast 17½ StreetCompleted
Ash StreetEast 7th StreetUniversity AvenueCompleted
College StreetEast 7th StreetUniversity AvenueCompleted
Walnut StreetEast 7th StreetUniversity AvenueCompleted
Hogg StreetEast 18th StreetEast 20th StreetCompleted
Pine StreetEast 7th StreetUniversity AvenueCompleted
Berry Creek DriveHwy. 195St. AndrewsCompleted
Briarcrest DriveBerry Creek DriveHamlet CircleCompleted
Hamlet CircleAllAllCompleted
Hacienda LaneAllAllCompleted
Little Deer TrailAllAllCompleted
Bumble Bee DriveAllAllCompleted
Hollow DriveAllAllCompleted
Buck Meadow DriveAllAllCompleted
Morning Dove BoulevardAllAllCompleted
Pebble Creek DriveAllAllCompleted
Drifting Meadow DriveAllAllCompleted
Diamond Dove TrailAllAllCompleted
Sun City BoulevardDove Hollow TrailSan Saba DriveCompleted

High-performance surface seal
A sealant is applied to the surface of the roadway, reducing damage from UV radiation and vehicle traffic. The process includes a two-coat spray application of a liquid asphalt mixture. Each coat takes two to three hours to dry. Please do not walk or drive on the new sealant surface until traffic cones and barricades have been removed.

For a map of the Georgetown Village street maintenance projects on the west side of the neighborhood, click here and here for the east side of the neighborhood.

High-performance surface seal
start-finish date
Arrowwood DriveAllAllCompleted
Bedford CourtAllAllCompleted
Bellaire DriveShell RoadNaranjo DriveCompleted
Bellaire DriveNaranjo DriveNaranjo DriveCompleted
Beretta CircleArrowwood DriveBeretta CircleCompleted
Beretta CircleArrowwood DriveNaranjo DriveCompleted
Birch DriveAllAllCompleted
Bluehaw DriveAllAllCompleted
Bowline DriveAllAllCompleted
Boxwood LoopAllAllCompleted
Briley StreetAllAllCompleted
Cedar Elm LaneAllAllCompleted
Chestnut CourtAllAllCompleted
Clove Hitch DriveAllAllCompleted
Concord DriveAllAllCompleted
Crown Anchor BendAllAllCompleted
Elmwood DriveAllAllCompleted
Fairfield CourtAllAllCompleted
Fairmont DriveAllAllCompleted
Green GrooveAllAllCompleted
Greenside LaneAllAllCompleted
Half Hitch TrailAllAllCompleted
Hanover CourtAllAllCompleted
Hickory LaneAllAllCompleted
Huisache CourtAllAllCompleted
Madrid DriveAllAllCompleted
Madrone DriveAllAllCompleted
Moral PassAllAllCompleted
Nambucca WayAllAllCompleted
Naranjo DriveAllAllCompleted
Pinon CoveAllAllCompleted
Plum CourtAllAllCompleted
Poplar DriveAllAllCompleted
Rosebud LaneAllAllCompleted
Rosedale BlvdAllAllCompleted
Rowan DriveAllAllCompleted
Sheep Shank DriveAllAllCompleted
Sherwood CourtAllAllCompleted
Slip DriveAllAllCompleted
Spring CourtAllAllCompleted
Summers GreenAllAllCompleted
Sycamore StreetAllAllCompleted
Tascate StreetAllAllCompleted
Village Commons BoulevardAllAllCompleted
Village GlenAllAllCompleted
Village Park DriveAllAllCompleted
Westbury LaneAllAllCompleted
Bonham LoopAllAllCompleted
Bowie CircleAllAllCompleted
Breckenridge StreetAllAllCompleted
Brooks CircleAllAllCompleted
Crockett LoopAllAllCompleted
Crosby StreetAllAllCompleted
Dawson TrailAllAllCompleted
Dickens CircleAllAllCompleted
Essex LaneAllAllCompleted
Everest CourtAllAllCompleted
Falls CircleAllAllCompleted
Goose IslandAllAllCompleted
Hale CourtAllAllCompleted
Hampton CircleAllAllCompleted
Honey Creek TrailAllAllCompleted
Hummingbird CoveAllAllCompleted
Keystone CoveAllAllCompleted
Klonkide DriveAllAllCompleted
Lovett CoveAllAllCompleted
Lubbock DriveAllAllCompleted
Lynne CoveAllAllCompleted
Montley TrailAllAllCompleted
Muir CourtAllAllCompleted
Mustang IslandAllAllCompleted
Nassau CircleAllAllCompleted
Nolan DriveAllAllCompleted
Portsmouth CircleAllAllCompleted
Portsmouth DriveAllAllCompleted
Providence StreetAllAllCompleted
Rainer LaneAllAllCompleted
Rushmore CoveAllAllCompleted
Scurry PassAllAllCompleted
Shasta CoveAllAllCompleted
Summer RoadAllAllCompleted
Sunbird CourtAllAllCompleted
Sun City BoulevardSan Saba DriveHwy. 195Completed
Sundance LaneAllAllCompleted
Texas DriveAllAllCompleted
Trout LaneAllAllCompleted
Vail CourtAllAllCompleted
Waller CourtAllAllCompleted
Whispering Wind DriveAllAllCompleted
Winter DriveAllAllCompleted
Yellowstone RoadAllAllCompleted
Yosemite RoadAllAllCompleted
Yukon TerraceAllAllCompleted
Ashberry TrailAllAllCompleted
Carol StreetAllAllCompleted
Howry DriveAllAllCompleted
Jan LaneAllAllCompleted
Kuykendall DriveAllAllCompleted
McCombs StreetAllAllCompleted
McCook DriveAllAllCompleted
Olin CoveAllAllCompleted
Perkins PlaceAllAllCompleted
Raintree DriveAllAllCompleted
Short StreetAllAllCompleted
University Park DriveAllAllCompleted
Waizel LaneAllAllCompleted
Weiss LaneAllAllCompleted