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2020 Street Maintenance Projects

The City will complete several street maintenance projects this summer. A detailed schedule will be updated here.

The work schedule can be affected by weather conditions, mechanical issues, and product availability.

Below is the list of resurfacing projects planned for this summer by treatment type:

High-performance surface seal

A sealant is applied to the surface of the roadway, reducing damage from UV radiation and vehicle traffic. The process includes a two-coat spray application of a liquid asphalt mixture. Each coat takes two to three hours to dry. Please do not walk or drive on the new sealant surface until traffic cones and barricades have been removed.

On the days surface seal projects are scheduled in Sun City, streets will be closed to through traffic and street parking from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Other surface seal projects in north Old Town, Parkview Estates, and portions of Katy Crossings will close streets for 24 hours from 7 a.m.-7 a.m.

For a map of the high-performance surface seal projects in Sun City, click here.

Note: To see an updated map of streets scheduled for surface seal treatment June 30 and July 1, click here.

Note: To see an updated map of streets scheduled for surface seal treatment June 30 and July 1, 6-8, 11, and 13, click here.

Note: To see an updated map of streets scheduled for surface seal treatment July 20, click here, and  July 27 and Aug. 3, click here.

High-performance surface seal
StreetFromToExpected start date
Amberjack CourtAllAllCompleted
Barndance CoveAllAllJuly 6
Bass StreetAllAllCompleted
Big Sky TrailAllAllJuly 11
Black Walnut CircleAllAllCompleted
Blanco CoveAllAllCompleted
Branding Iron CoveAllAllJuly 8
Camp DriveAllAllJuly 8
Cobb Cavern DrAllAllAug. 3
Colorado River RoadGuadalupe TrailSan Marcos WayCompleted
Colorado River RoadRio Grande LoopSan Marcos WayCompleted
Cowan Creek DriveAllAllCompleted
Coyote TrailAllAllJuly 11
Crepe Myrtle LaneAllAllCompleted
Edwards DriveAllAllCompleted
Elderberry StreetAllAllJuly 27
Great Frontier DriveLonghorn TrailSun City BoulevardJuly 13
Great Frontier DriveSun City BoulevardLonghorn TrailJuly 6
Guadalupe TrailAllAllJuly 20
Harness LaneAllAllJuly 13
Hills Of Texas TrailAllAllJuly 11
Juniper Berry TrailAllAllCompleted
Kingfisher DriveAllAllCompleted
Lampasas PassAllAllCompleted
Larkspur LaneAllAllJuly 7
Llano CoveAllAllCompleted
Longhorn TrailAllAllJuly 13
Mistflower LaneAllAllJuly 27
Mountain Laurel WayAllAllCompleted
Navasota CoveAllAllJuly 20
Nueces TrailAllAllJuly 20
Old Chisholm TrailTexas Drive123 Old Chisholm TrailCompleted
Old Chisholm Trail123 Old Chisholm TrailTexas DriveCompleted
Orion RoadAllAllCompleted
Peach Blossom CircleAllAllCompleted
Persimmon LaneAllAllCompleted
Ranch House CoveAllAllJuly 13
Red Oak CircleAllAllCompleted
Rio Concho CoveAllAllCompleted
Rio Grande LoopSan Marcos WaySan Saba DriveCompleted
Rio Grande LoopRio Grande LoopBlanco CoveCompleted
Rio Grande LoopSun City BoulevardSan Marcos WayCompleted
Rio Grande LoopBlanco CoveSan Saba DriveCompleted
Rio Leon CoveAllAllJuly 20
Rodeo DriveSun City BoulevardStockman TrailJuly 7
Ruellia DriveCrepe MyrtleElderberry StreetJuly 27
Ruellia DriveCrepe MyrtleCul-De-SacCompleted
Running Water StreetAllAllCompleted
Saddle TrailAllAllJuly 6
San Antonio RoadAllAllJuly 20
San Marcos WayAllAllCompleted
San Saba DriveAllAllCompleted
Stardust LaneAllAllCompleted
Stetson CircleAllAllAug. 3
Stetson TrailAllAllAug. 3
Stockman TrailAllAllJuly 7
Timber Hitch CourtAllAllCompleted
Travis DriveAllAllCompleted
Venus LaneAllAllCompleted
Verbena DriveAllAllJuly 8
Wild Plum CircleAllAllCompleted
Yaupon LaneAllAllCompleted
Forrest Street August
West Morrow StreetAugust
West Spring StreetAugust
North Church StreetAugust
North Myrtle StreetAugust
Chamber WayAugust
West Spring StreetrAugust
East Spring StreetAugust
North Main StreetAugust
West Valley StreetAugust
East Valley StreetAugust
Gann StreetAugust
Parkview DriveAugust
Parque Vista DriveAugust
Pecan Vista LaneAugust
Pecan Vista CoveAugust
Bench Mark StreetAugust
Parque CtAugust
Rio VistaAugust
Parque CoveAugust
Parque CircleAugust
Bastian LaneAugust
Deep Creek RoadAugust
San Gabriel River RoadAugust
Stone Mountain RoadAugust
Arches WayAugust
River Haven DriveAugust
East Marrow StreetAugust
Saguaro TrailAugust

Hot-in-place recycling
The City is using hot-in-place recycling for the following street maintenance projects. This treatment is an alternative to mill and asphalt overlay and extends the life of the pavement asset preserving the City’s investment as well as providing a new asphalt surface.

For a map of the hot-in-place recycling projects, click here.


Hot-in-place recycling
start date
Sun City BoulevardCompleted
Las Colinas DriveTBD
Pickoff DriveTBD
Del Aire CourtTBD
Edgewood DriveTBD
Brentwood DriveTBD
Fairwood DriveTBD
Meadow Greens DriveTBD
Oakland Hills DriveTBD
Bay Hill CourtCompleted
Colonial DrivePaving June 30-July 2
La Quinta DriveTBD
Oak Tree DriveCompleted
Sawgrass TrailCompleted
Spyglass CircleCompleted
Clearwater CourtCompleted
Logan Ranch RoadTBD
Stillwater CourtCompleted
Wing Foot CoveCompleted
Turnberry CourtPaving June 30-July 2
Magnolia CourtCompleted
Torrey Pines CircleCompleted
Jasper CourtCompleted
Pecan Vista LnTBD
Pecan Vista CoveTBD
Bench Mark StreetTBD
Parque CourtTBD
Rio Vista CoveTBD
Rio Vista CoveTBD
Parque CoveTBD
Parque CircleTBD