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Pavement Maintenance

Pavement Maintenance

In 2011, Transportation Services commissioned a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) study of all the roads in our system.  The study resulted in a five-year plan intended to improve ride quality and structural integrity of many of the roads.  Depending on traffic volumes and roadway conditions, roadways in need of improvement are considered for one of several repair methods:

  • Rejuvenator – a thin coat of oil applied to the roadway to seal cracks, provide ultraviolet protection, guard against oxidation, and restore uniform color after crack sealing.
  • Chip Seal – an oil and rock mixture that seals the roadway while providing wear protection and additional traction.
  • Cutler Process – an asphalt recycler that grinds up existing worn asphalt and combines the grindings with new fresh asphalt for a high quality surface.
  • Rehabilitation – complete removal of existing asphalt, curb and gutter, and base and reconstruction of the roadway.

The Pavement Condition Index study was conducted in 2011, 2014, and 2018.  Additionally, routine crack sealing and pothole repairs are always ongoing.

Links to the 2011 PCI study results are below.  Please understand that the maps below represent potential roadway maintenance projects.  Each year projects are reviewed and considered based on current factors at the time.  Funding, utility conflicts, and other considerations may result in projects changing from year to year.

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