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Preventive street maintenance types

The maintenance and repair of Georgetown city streets is a continual effort.  Every three years, a special vehicle travels city streets and scores the quality of the roadway surface. On an annual basis, the City Systems Engineering Department uses those scores to identify streets to be resurfaced or reconstructed. The City uses several preventive maintenance methods in order to extend the life of city streets and avoid more costly rehabilitation projects. There are currently 734 lane miles of streets in the Georgetown city limits. This figure is 231 percent higher than the 222 lane miles in 1994.

Crack seal
A special blend of asphaltic material is injected into cracks in roadways, preventing further damage from moisture seeping into the road base.
Cost per lane mile: $1,000

High-performance surface seal
A sealant is applied to the surface of the roadway, reducing damage from UV radiation and vehicle traffic.
Cost per lane mile: $24,600

Hot-in-place recycling
This single-pass repaving process grinds up existing worn asphalt and combines the grindings with new fresh asphalt for a high-quality surface.
Cost per lane mile: $111,000

Asphalt overlay
A new layer of asphalt is applied to the roadway. The road is usually milled first to ensure the alignment of the edge of the road surface with the curb.
Cost per lane mile: $127,500

The existing pavement and base layers of gravel are removed in order to completely reconstruct a road. New curbing, drainage features, base layers, and asphalt are constructed.
Cost per lane mile: $141,000


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