The Transportation Services Division manages the daily operations and maintenance of the Georgetown Municipal Airport, public storm water conveyance system, City streets, sidewalks and rights-of-way. Responsibilities include traffic control, emergency response operations, special events and assistance in code enforcement. The Streets Department inspects daily the City’s roadways for sign repair, pavement management and sight obstructions. The Georgetown Municipal Airport operates under guidelines provided by the Texas Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration. The Transportation Services Division participates with the Safety Committee to provide safety-training workshops.

Active Transportation Projects

The Transportation Services Division is involved in the development and implementation of various road, aviation, transit and storm water improvements.

The purpose of the City of Georgetown Sidewalk Master Plan and Public Facility Access Audit is to inventory existing public infrastructure within the City of Georgetown City Limits, identify design and compliance deficiencies, evaluate future program requirements and develop a ten year implementation plan.

The City and Capital Metro have partnered to develop a Fixed Route Transit Plan. The Transit Development Plan Study, initiated by the City of Georgetown and Capital Metro, will help define service plan needs for fixed-route bus service in Georgetown, including routing, service hours, frequency, and boundaries; information on the Plan and process can be found at:

A bond election to fund transportation projects was approved by the voters of Georgetown on May 9. The 2015 Road Bond Program authorizes $105 million to fund 21 transportation projects over the next 10 years: construction of 8 projects, construction-ready design efforts for 5 projects and preliminary engineering for an additional 6 have been authorized. Additional information can be found at:

The Overall Transportation Plan (OTP)

The City has recently completed an update to the Overall Transportation Plan. Information on that process may be found at