Williams Drive Study


Develop a plan of action that will incorporate safety, efficient transportation operations, safe accommodations of all modes, and integration of smart transportation and land use, community needs, and the future economic growth of Williams Drive.

The goals for Williams Drive include:

  • Enhance multimodal movements and transportation operations
  • Support corridor-wide and regional sustainable growth and economic development.
  • Protect and enhance the corridor’s quality of life.
  • Encourage development that creates a variety of context sensitive mixed-use services that are accessible to neighborhoods.

Progress To Date:

  • Technical Data Collection
  • Four Public Meetings
    • Open House
    • Charrette Week
  • Numerous Stakeholder Engagements
  • Internal (City boards, Council, etc.)
  • External (GISD, Health Foundation, WilCo, etc.)
  • Ongoing Public Communication and Updates
  • Developed an Existing Conditions Report
  • Finalized Conceptual Design and Community Vision
  • Implementation Plan Completed for Short, Mid and Long terms
  • Recommendations from P&Z and GTAB to adopt the Short Term Implementation Plan

Next Steps: