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Neighborhood Traffic Management

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Residents throughout the City of Georgetown are often concerned about high traffic speeds and/or volumes in residential areas. Speeding vehicles and unexpected traffic volumes, whether perceived or real, may contribute to a sense of uneasiness or create safety concerns within a community.  The Neighborhood Traffic Management Policy provides an objective and comprehensive framework to better address mitigation of these adverse effects.

If you notice high speeds and/or traffic on a neighborhood collector street, which is often a two-lane street that connects local residential streets to larger commercial streets (e.g., Northwest Boulevard), you can request the City of Georgetown study potential traffic management methods, such as reducing the speed limit, narrowing lanes, and others.  Requests must meet several requirements, which are outlined below, to be considered.

The process

  1. Meet with Public Works

Request must be initiated by a property owner, business, school, or other entity whose property is within the requested study area.

  1. Submit application

Applications cannot include recommendations for the types and/or locations of mitigation measures.

  1. Public Works reviews application

Staff will review the request, determine whether it meets the criteria and is an eligible project, and make recommendations.

Applicant’s role

A resident who submits an application for a Traffic Management Study, must be willing to:

  • Serve as the primary contact and liaison for the request;
  • Take responsibility for community notification;
  • Compile evidence in support the request; and
  • Support the City’s process to design.

If staff recommends traffic management methods, the City will initiate the approval process, which includes public meetings, surveys, and approval from the Georgetown Transportation Advisory Board and City Council.

A copy of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Mitigation Requestion application is available here.

Ineligible projects

You will be notified in writing if your submission is not an eligible project. Projects are not eligible for several reasons, including if the request is:

  • Submitted fewer than two years after the City installed devices and/or changed the speed limit.
  • Based on potential future traffic impacts, not existing conditions.
  • A duplicate to or overlaps another request.
  • Submitted within two years of a similar request.
  • For a street that is not a public residential road or minor collector per City plans

Click here to see a copy of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program policy.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 512-930-3640 or

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