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Pedestrian Safety

Awareness, by both drivers and pedestrians, is the way to stop tragic pedestrian accidents. These accidents can happen when either the pedestrian or the driver are inattentive or careless. When it comes to pedestrian versus vehicle, the pedestrian always loses because of the size and weight of the vehicle.

Fortunately, these types of accidents are rare. There is little a pedestrian can do to improve a driver’s habits, or that drivers can do about the behavior of pedestrians.

But there are steps each can take to be more careful. Pedestrians can stop faster and maneuver easier than vehicles can, so pedestrians can do much to increase their own safety.

  • You do have the right of way when crossing the street, but yielding to any vehicle is far safer.
  • Look LEFT – RIGHT – LEFT prior to entering the street. Give drivers ample time to stop prior to entering the crosswalk.
  • Always be aware of turning vehicles and make eye contact with the driver whenever crossing the street. If eye contact is not made, they don’t see you.
  • Cross streets only at marked crosswalks or intersections.
  • Dress to be seen. Wearing bright/light colored clothing helps drivers see you. Reflective clothing is the best.
  • If crossing a multiple lane roadway, you should make sure each lane is clear before you proceed.
  • Remember telephone poles, utility boxes and parked vehicles block on-coming drivers’ ability to see you.
  • Turn off your headphones while crossing the street so you can hear approaching traffic.
  • In areas without sidewalk, remember to walk facing on-coming traffic.
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